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About Learning Online

We aim to encourage people with enquiring minds to come together and share knowledge with others with a common interest in Science, Technology and the Humanities.  

We do this by organising science debates such as "Cafe Scientifique" and providing links to courses online from major US and UK Universities that are available for anyone to take, for free.  

Like the organisions providing these courses, we envision a future where anyone can study with the top universities that are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. 

Our Technology
Our Agoria web site builder technology enables you to not only find the web sites with the best professors that teach the subjects you want to study, but help you to link up with other learners in the real world for social get-togethers and debates. Not only do you get to study with tens or hundreds of thousands of students, but you also get to share your enthusiasm for your subject of study with others who live near to you.

Through this, we hope to give you access to world-class educational material and the chance to enjoy debating and exploring the new knowledge you gain. We want to empower you with an education that will improve your life, the life of your family and friends, and the community you live in.