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About the Cafe Sci Web Site

The Basingstoke Cafe Scientifique web site is sponsored by ActivityForum Ltd.  The web site and all its content has been created and managed using the Agoria web site builder application supplied by ActivityForum Ltd.

Agoria is a communications web application for communities that reflects the ambition of the developers to emulate the public spaces in ancient Greek cities called Agora.  In ancient Greece, an Agora was at the heart of Greek democracy as it provided a place where debates were held, markets could take place and was the general gathering place for everyone in the town or city.

Agoria provides website owners with the tools for exchanging views and conducting dialogue with their web site users using the forum features.  Plus any web page in an Agoria web site can have a voting form and links to survery tools on it to create the ultimate in democratic debate.  These tools combine together to allow users to share their views and opinions with their fellow netizens and combine this with access to many additional tools in the social media landscape.  Conversations and voting can take place at any time that is convenient to the web site users.

Some of the prominent features provided by an Agoria web site include the ability to organize and share events across multiple web sites and allowing users to manage their own membership information.  Combined with the ability to support User Managed Content (UMC), web site owners and managers have all the tools they need to offer an exceptional user experience straight out of the box.

The Agoria facilities aim to offer an open peer to peer sharing and action experience as the ideal result.   However this should not necessarily be the only objective for using the toolset to build your web site. In many cases, the simple act of achieving open and worthwhile communication and assistance with other participants that share your interests would be described as a success. We can’t all change the world on our own ... but working together we can achieve great things.

For further details about the Agoria software, go to the web site address below.